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Poster: Telephone Toughguy Date: Nov 30, 2007 7:54am
Forum: opensource_audio Subject: CC license

They I inderstand it, the non commercial only applies to the reporduction of the works and distribution for profit of that work, not using that work in another work that can be commercially viable. Also the non commercial aspect usually refers to using sounds to advertize the sale of said sounds. You could use a CC licensed work to sell something else, so long as you attribute properly.

The powers that be for the most part are ignoring the wealth of media under CC license as it encroaches on the elitest hollywood crowd's strangle hold on what we are allowed to consume at their trough and who gets to be the pigs and the dogs on the farm. There is no measurable qualitive difference in the talent levels of unsigned and signed artists... it is the marketing and davinci code like cabbala of snobs and elitists keeping the talented working in service and undustry instead of where they are most genetically disposed to produce the most benefit to mankand.

But since this is not socialism and the dollar rules we must consume what we are told is good and miss out on the awesome talent that will never see the light of day. Until the mean average of intelligence rises and things become less objective, emotional, sentimental and culturally enforced, crap smeared on a tampon will be considered art in san francisco and idiots listening to 4 minutes of silence will think they are listening to avant garde music. Absurdity with no emotionally redeeming qualities and a minimal message . In protest, I am naming all my stuffed animals mohamed, moses, jesus and buddha and some random hindu god. Can I select the person to administer the lashes?

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Poster: Harmsichord Date: Nov 30, 2007 9:35am
Forum: opensource_audio Subject: Re: CC license

>Can I select the person to administer the lashes?

I'll crack that whip.